Specialist in pediatrics

Dear patients,


we are a family oriented medical team who stress the importance of
individual consultation as well as being open to the alternative types
of medical treatment.

The practice is known and valued in the international community. Because
appointments are made ahead of time, waiting time is minimal.



Telephone appointment within the office hours !


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Tuesday               9:00 am – 12:00 am

Wednesday    02:00 pm – 06:00 pm

Friday                 01:30  pm– 05:00 pm


please note the clinic is closed                       between 05.25th and 06. 10th 2024

Dear parents! It can happen that deadlines cannot be met for a variety of reasons. Cancellations are possible up to 24 hours before the appointment at no cost. For cancellations within 24 hours or no-shows, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 60€, as these appointments cannot be reassigned at such short notice.

Services offered in the pediatric pratice

•    acute treatment
•    routine inspections
•    mother-child pass examinations
•    newborn examination
•    vaccinations
•    nutrition counseling
•    diet advice
•    travel and vaccination advice
•    streptococcal rapid test
•    quick blood test in the case of inflammations
•    urine analysis
•    ECG
•    operation clearance
•    sportphysical examination
•    bach flower therapy
•    home visits outside of office hours



"Bach flower therapy” is a type of homeopathic aroma therapy developed in the 1930’s by the British physician Edward Bach. He discovered 38 flowers that can resolve both physical and emotional problems.


This therapy works in a gentle, healing way that based in the theory that our diseases are caused by an imbalance between our body, soul and spirit. This therapy has been used for more than 70 years and is actually recommended by W.H.O (World Health Organisation).

Child & travelling

Before travelling in a foreign country have me check the vaccination status of your child. I can also advise you how to treat eventual sicknesses that occur as well as suggest medication to take along.


Vaccinations first 2 years of life

Rotavirus                                        from week 7th                3 times

Pneumokokkus                          from 3th month              2 times

                                                              booster 2nd year           once

DPT+Polio+HibB                      from 3th month               2 times

                                                              booster 2nd year            once

Meningitis B                                 from 6th month               2 times

                                                              booster 2nd year           once

MMR                                                 from 2nd year                   2 times


Varicella (Chickenpox )           from 2nd year                   2 times

FSME (tick disease)                   from 2nd year

Meningitis ACWY                     from 2nd year

Hepatitis A                                     from 2nd year

Influenza                                         periodically every year


Vaccinations school children

DPT + Polio                                8th year

Varicella (Chickenpox )      whenever needed

HPV                                                from 10th year

FSME (tick disease)               booster 

Meningitis ACWY                  booster


In case of emergency

Contact me on my mobil phone T +43 676 699 50 10 or
in case of emergency get in contact with the nearest children hospital.


Kinderspitäler (children hospitals)

Kinderspital im  Wilheminenspital      1160 Wien      Montelearstr. 37      T  01/49 150 - 0

St. Anna Kinderspital         1090 Wien     Kinderspitalgsse   T 01/40 170 - 0

AKH  Univ. Kinderklinik      1090 Wien      Währinger Gürtel 18-20       T 01/40 400 - 0

Preyer'sches  Kinderspital        1100 Wien     Schrankenbergg. 31   T 01/60 113 - 0

SMZ Ost     1220 Wien      Langobardenstr. 122     T 01/28 802

KH  Tulln     3430 Tulln     Alter Ziegelweg 50     T 02272/601-0